Gas Fireplace Won't Start But Pilot Light Is On

Gas Fireplace Won't Start But Pilot Light Is On. If your fireplace has a traditional pilot light, follow these steps: If the burner lights, the problem.

5 Reasons the Pilot Light Won't Stay on in Your Gas Fireplace from

These include exhaustion of propane gas, contaminated sensor rod, loose connection in sensor rod, damaged pilot, poor grounding between pilot assembly and gas valve. Is in the wiring to the wall switch. If the light goes out, you may need to assess your pilot light.

If The Light Goes Out, You May Need To Assess Your Pilot Light.

If you don’t see a flame, try lighting the pilot light yourself. Hi, the pilot light of my gas fireplace is lit, but the main flame doesn't turn on automatically. This is basically the role of the pilot light.

If The Smell Persists, Check That Your Chimney Is Not Obstructed And Is Cleaned.

If your fireplace has a traditional pilot light, follow these steps: If the fireplace pilot light is on but won’t start, make sure your gas valve is turned on and check the fuse or breakers. I took out the logs and vacuumed the insides thoroughly.

Your Fireplace Will Beep But Won’t Ignite Or Light If The Battery Of The Receiver Goes Out.

If your gas is turned on but your pilot light is out try relighting the pilot (there will be a procedure for this in your manual). If gas is coming out of the pilot, but it still won't light, the spark igniter could be the problem. A stuck valve or a issue with the gas regulator at your tank will reduce the reliability of your fireplace.

Before You Go Too Far In Your Attempt To Solve The Problem, You Should Check To Make Sure Your Pilot Light Is Lit.

Look for and clear out any debris between the igniter and thermocouple. For most of the repairs you will only n. To do so, press and hold the pilot button for two minutes as the air drains out.

Often Times A Pilot Light Won’t Turn On, Resulting In Absolutely Zero Flames.

We removed the stones around the pilot assembly. Then, turn the dial of your control knob off to shut the pilot light off. This is the simplest fix for when your gas fireplace won’t stay on.

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