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A proposal by leading Milwaukee County Supervisors to begin restoring the county’s crumbling parks is a refreshing departure from the deliberate neglect shown by present and past county executives.

“What a breath of fresh air to see leaders actually stepping up to protect priceless community assets,” said Boyd McCamish, executive director of AFSCME District Council 48.

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 Welcome to the AFSCME Local 80 WAWM School Employee Survey.
The School District has expressed a desire to enter into discussions with the employees on issues that are of mutual concern. We hope you will engage in the process by taking part in the survey, provide some basic information and articulate your priorities. Read more >>>

Hey Chris Abele, it's time for you to get to work! Why are you refusing to present your own budget to the County Board of Supervisors. You can run but you can't hide from the citizens and employees of Milwaukee County! Help us tell Chris that it's time for him to face us in person and speak to us. Call 414-278-4211 or email:

Obtaining a FREE Wisconsin ID cards for voting If you are a U.S. citizen, will be at least 18 years of age by the next election, and would like a Wisconsin ID card to vote, please check the ID for FREE box when completing the (Wisconsin Identification Card (ID) application found or when applying online.

More Training means as much as $480 more in your pocket each week!

NAFCC Accreditation can take you straight to a 4-Star YoungStar rating with NO college credits. If you have an AA degree, accreditation takes you right to the 5-Star rating.

By joining our child care union, CCPT, you get access to valuable 4-Star accreditation training.

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Gov. Walker Needs to Go Back to School on Education Policy Demonstrably Detrimental Policies on Public Education Earn Him an “F” MADISON, WI — As students across Wisconsin head back to school, it’s Gov. Scott Walker who needs to be educated about the impact of his wrong-headed education policies, according to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. Under Walker and his education policies, Wisconsin has had lagging job growth and rates of wage increases that trail neighboring states, earning him a failing grade. Read more >>>

AFSCME Council 48 is having a bike run for homeless vets on Saturday, September 6th, from 9 a.m. to noon beginning at Dry Hootch, 1030 East Brady Street in Milwaukee and ending at the Council 48 union hall for food and drink.

The run is open to members, non-members, family, friends and especially veterans.

On any given night, 58,000 veterans are homeless. Join our ride and visit veteran-related sites to raise awareness and create solutions for homeless veterans and their families.

What: AFSCME Council 48 Bike Run
Where: Starts at Dry Hootch, 1020 East Brady St.,
When: Saturday, September, 6th, 9 a.m. - Noon
Who: Members, non-members, family, friends and especially Vets

For more information call: (414) 344-6868, or visit us at: Read more >>>

Our Child Care Union found solutions for Milwaukee county providers who were forced to wait hours in line to deliver their time sheets in person in order to get paid in a timely manner. Read more >>>

  Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld the provisions of ACT 10, the law that stripped away many of the collective bargaining rights public employees have worked under for over fifty years. While this decision should come as no surprise to us given the current composition of the court and its allegiance to wall street and the banks, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the road ahead and why your continued support of our union is so vital to our future and our children Read more >>>

City of Milwaukee employees who work downtown will be meeting on Wednesday, July 16 to discuss the proposed changes to the healthcare plan, what it might mean for us and our families and how we respond. Read more >>>

 The City has extracted tens of millions of dollars from City Workers over the past few years. Now the Barrett administration wants to draw more blood from the most vulnerable city workers and their families. Call Mayor Barrett at 286- 2200 and tell him "We've given back and given back but a hit to our healthcare will bleed us dry!" Then call your Alderman at 286-2221 and tell them the same thing. Read more >>>

What follows is a letter delivered to Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele by Milwaukee County Public Safety Officers.

Dear County Executive Abele,

We are writing.....

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Security officers who guard the Milwaukee County Courthouse today delivered a letter (attached) to County Executive Chris Abele questioning Abele’s threat to outsource courthouse security and the refusal of his administration to meet with the officers and their union.


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It’s hard to imagine far-rightwing political ideology becoming so twisted that one of its standard bearers would step up to a podium and assert poor children are better off going hungry.

Yet when Paul Ryan addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this spring he did just that, bashing progressives for supporting federally funded school lunch programs. He accused those of us, uncomfortable with children going hungry, of offering them “a full belly and an empty soul.”

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Boyd McCamish, Executive Director of AFSCME District Council 48, said today that the Union is investigating the possibility of legal action against Milwaukee County and the County Pension Board if the County tries to take back pension benefits previously received by the Union’s members.   Read more >>>

It looks like Walker and Abele are getting into the pharmaceutical business!

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Boyd McCamish, Executive Director of Milwaukee District Council 48, AFSCME, announced today the filing of a civil rights lawsuit against Milwaukee County over the laying off of custodial workers at the Milwaukee County Courthouse in 2009. The County laid off the workers and privatized the custodial services as part of the 2010 budget pushed through by then County Executive Scott Walker. The lawsuit alleges that Walker demanded the layoffs and privatization to punish the custodians for membership in the Union.   Read more >>>

In mid March, elected leaders of Wisconsin’s three AFSCME Councils gathered in Wisconsin Dells for an historic event.

Recognizing an opportunity to usher in a new era of activism, board members convened a two-day summit exploring the possibilities of a unified AFSCME Wisconsin.

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District Council 48's Executive Director, Boyd McCamish, is interviewed by John "Sly" Sylvestor. Below is the link to that podcast.

 A Wisconsin State Journal article quotes Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald that passage of the 'living wage' bill is unlikely in the State Senate.   Read more >>>

Newly released emails reveal that disdain for mentally ill people and cold-hearted political calculation drove decisions about Milwaukee County’s mental health system when Scott Walker was county executive. This peek behind the curtain makes clear that it would be foolhardy to again trust Walker with power over the system.
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In our most recent newsletter, a story about the City Milwaukee budget claimed that the property tax levy within the city rose by 14% higher than last year. This was in error. The actual increase was 1.4%. Read more >>>

Milwaukee- It didn’t take long for the members of AFSCME District Council 48 who work at the Public Museum downtown to realize that management was gunning hard for their rights and their jobs.   Read more >>>

AFSCME District Council 48 filed a lawsuit today against Froedtert Health over the theft of a flash drive containing the personal information of City of Milwaukee employees on October 22. Read more >>>

On the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday that will close their workplaces, the Walker administration abruptly announced late Tuesday that it is starting the clock on union certification elections for support staff in the Milwaukee Public School District. Read more >>>

Media Links to AFSCME reaction.

AFSCME District Council 48 leaders say it is unacceptable that city of Milwaukee officials are unwilling to meet with them about the theft of personal information involving thousands of city employees. Read more >>>

Milwaukee County should go back to the drawing board after County Executive Chris Abele submitted a budget proposal that is built on math errors and leaps of faith, and -- to the extent it is balanced -- is balanced on the back of working families. Read more >>>

We're in the home-stretch of winning a living wage ordinance in Milwaukee County. A diverse coalition of community organizations and unions have been advancing this fight, and we can see victory in our sights! What can you do to help? Read more >>>

On Sept. 9, Vermont's 7,500 home care providers received ballots enabling them to choose AFSCME, as we noted in a story that was published in the September edition of AFSCME 48, your newspaper. On Oct. 3, we learned that the ballots were in, and they'd chosen AFSCME. Here's what AFSCME President Lee Saunders and Secretary-Treasurer Laura Reyes had to say about this historic victory. Read more >>>

The misguided, vendetta-fueled agenda to repeal Affordable Care Act must be stopped, say AFSCME President Lee Saunders. Read more >>>

We're a community partner in this year's Milwaukee Film Festival. One reason: They're showing "Citizen Koch." Read more >>>

Join us at DC 48 headquarters on Saturday, September 28 to support the Solidarity Singers. Help stop Walker's attacks on the First Amendment. Walker's arrest of Solidarity Singers must be stopped! Read more >>>

On this Labor Day, we marched, we rallied, we celebrated, we remembered and we recommitted. Here are a few photos of our day, which culminated at Zeidler Union Square in Milwaukee. Read more >>>

"On this Labor Day, it’s essential that we not only celebrate our own labor, which drives this country forward. We must also recommit to the fight for the dignity of all work and the rights of all workers," write AFSCME International President Lee Saunders and Secretary-Treasurer Laura Reyes.  Read more >>>

As the National Governors Association (NGA) meeting convened just a few blocks away, Wisconsin workers gathered at Zeidler Union Square Park in Milwaukee on Aug. 3 to call on elected leaders to support job creation and legislation that encourages states and local governments to purchase American-made or state-made products whenever possible. And AFSCME was in the house. Read more >>>

On July 19, a Michigan judge ruled against Gov. Rick Snyder and Detroit Emergency Manager Kevin Orr, accusing them of using bankruptcy as a backdoor around the state constitutional protection of pension benefits. AFSCME members had challenged Snyder in court. Read more >>>

Young AFSCME members from around the country are convening in Detroit this weekend at the 2013 AFSCME Next Wave Conference in Detroit, and as we know from first-hand experience — the conference was held in Milwaukee in 2010 — Next Wavers don't convene without taking some direct action. And take action, they did, reports Kate Childs Graham in her July 13 blog post. Read more >>>

At the first educational conference for public workers since Act 10 was passed, the more than 100 union activists in attendance — including a contingent from AFSCME District Council 48 — learned that there are some good (as in practical and effective, even inspiring) ideas out there to help us navigate this unchartered territory. Read more >>>

As we know too well in this state, Unions remain the first and last line of defense for America's workers. And now, Unions are necessary like never before. Why? AFSCME International President Lee Saunders lays it out in a June 19 blog for The Huffington Post titled "America's Class War: A Dispatch from the Front." Read more >>>

State employees are questioning promotions and bonuses given to relatives of managers within the State Department of Health Services Milwaukee Enrollment Services, according to an article posted June 11 on the Shepherd Express' website Read more >>>

At the June 1 District Council 48 Delegate Assembly, Local 2 President Steve Froemming was elected treasurer of your union's Executive Board. The treasurer's race was the only one on the ballot; all other officer candidates ran unopposed and were declared elected (mostly, re-elected) per Election Code, Appendix D, of the International Constitution. Read more >>>

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the walk-out and termination of 100 Palermo's Pizza workers who took a stand against unsafe conditions, inhumane work schedules and poverty wages, the Palermo Workers Union (PWU) and their supporters and friends participated in a "Slice of Justice" March on Saturday, June 1. Read more >>>

The May 23 edition of The Huffington Post's "The Blog" featured a column penned by AFSCME President Lee Saunders titled “Scott Walker’s Austerity Plan: Turning Wisconsin Into the New Greece” Read more >>>

AFSCME International has just released a new video explaining why the whole "spending vs. revenue" debate in Washington is largely meaningless. Conservatives in Congress are constantly talking about the need to cut federal spending, so we found it for them: all the money we spend on special interest tax breaks for corporations. Read more >>>

Legislators reviewing Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal will soon reach an important fork in the road. They can either take the low road and rubber stamp the governor’s $35 million cut to early childhood education -- or they can do the right thing for children and reject the governor’s cut. Read more >>>

Are you a current or retired member of an AFL-CIO union? Have a child entering college? He or she ought to consider applying for a 2013 Dreams of Jobs and Freedom Scholarship. Read more >>>

On April 2, AFSCME members showed that we still pack a punch. Read more >>>

This, you know: Elections matter. Voting matters. Talking to neighbors, friends and colleagues about what matters — that matters. As you also know, there are a number of critical races this spring election season — some of them local, two of them statewide. Read more >>>

It took time and perseverance, but all back-pay issues related to the Milwaukee County furlough day deal have been resolved. Read more >>>

After four months at the bargaining table, members of Local 587 earlier this month reached a tentative agreement on a one-year contract with Milwaukee Area Technical College. Read more >>>

The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO recently weighed in on the federal appeals court decision that upheld Act 10. Read more >>>

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